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Family Photo Session Pricing:


Basically, there are Group sessions and/or Individual sessions when it comes to family photography sessions.  


Group Sessions consist of finding a nice background, lining up everyone you want in the shot, and taking the photo.  These are quicker to take and edit and the cheaper route to go as far as pricing.  Coming up with an accurate price depends on how many groups you want taken (everyone in one shot, each family together, all the kids in one shot, all the kids with Grandma and Grandpa, etc…).  These sessions start at $200 for 2 to 4 people and go up from there depending on how many people and/or group shots are wanted.  


Individual Family Sessions are more time consuming (both in the taking of the photos and in the editing room).  These are candid shots of individuals throughout a 1-2 hour time frame.  Getting shots of everyone in different locations, doing different things, etc… it’s photos of family members in a more casual setting, interacting with each other.  You’ll also get some ‘traditional’ photos of them looking at the camera, smiling, etc..  For these sessions, I make every possible effort I can to get at least one good shot of every family member (usually many more, but at LEAST one).  This is the more expensive option and can run anywhere from $350 plus depending on the amount of people/pets and how long it takes to get the session completed.

Professional Headshot/Portrait (human and/or Pet Sessions):

Indoor Studio Headshot Session:

This is a session done indoors using special lighting and a colored backdrop.  Pricing starts at $100 at my studio in Culver which would include one backdrop color and one outfit.  Fees increase if you want more than one backdrop color and/or multiple outfit changes.  I can also come to your location for an added travel fee (fee based on where the shoot will take place).  


Natural Headshot/Portrait (human and/or pet) Session


Pricing on this varies greatly on what you are looking for.  Please contact me and we can go into detail about what you want and once that is established, I can give you a better estimate of cost.  

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